Research Team:           Puleng Letuka

                                    Keiso Matashane-Marite

                                    Libakiso Matlho

                                    ‘Mamoeketsi Ntho

                                    Sakoane Peter Sakoane


Gender HIV and AIDS and the Law in Lesotho: Embracing Rights-Based Approach to Promote Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Rights; is a report of phase five of Women and Law in Southern Africa Research and Education Trust (WLSA) research, conducted by a team of five researchers some of whom are lawyers and others are social scientists. It presents the results of a study undertaken over a period of six years from 2001-2007. The study presents an analysis and review of issues around HIV and AIDS, transmission, sexual and reproductive rights, and women and girls’ vulnerability to the effects of gender inequality and the HIV pandemic in Lesotho. Review of laws and policies and their responsiveness to women’s needs became the subject matter of the report. This report embraces a rights-based approach and places the right to life at the centre of the investigation. This will be useful to different sectors including, people living with HIV and AIDS, policy and lawmakers, academics, the judiciary, students, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), human rights and gender activists, and the public in general.