The Realities of Justice for Women

Research Team:           Lisebo Chaka-Makhooane

                                    Puleng Letuka

                                    Nthomeng Majara

                                    Keiso Matashane-Marite

                                    Mokhibo Mtela-Gwintsa

                                    Bantu Lulu Morolong

                                    Sakoane Peter Sakoane


Sexual Violence in Lesotho: The Realities of Justice for Women is the second stage report of the fourth phase of WLSA research undertaken over a period of two and a half years 1998-2001. The study was conducted by a team of seven researchers made up of lawyers, gender experts and social scientists. The report raises issue with lack of uniformity in the perception and adjudication of sexual violence as a crime and violation of women’s human rights. It documents the experiences and problems that women and girl children encounter when they have been violated. This study brings out the inconsistencies that legally defines rape as a capital offence but sees practice negating the seriousness of this offence. This publication will be useful to policymakers, the police, the judiciary, academics, human rights activists and the general public.

            Women and Law in Southern Africa Research and Education Trust (WLSA) is a comparative research and advocacy organisation in seven countries of Southern Africa: Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. WLSA conducts ‘activist’ research in order to change the lives of women and empower women through legal advice services, lobbying and advocacy and gender sensitisation of different organisations and people whose support and assistance helped in making the production of this report a reality.