The project focuses on producing innovative monitoring tools that will be used by gender activists to hold the government accountable in the implementation of the Transitional Stabilization Programme (TSP). This will be done through the development of monitoring tools and the capacity development of 3 gender equality Civil Society Organizations on the use of the tools. The selected CSOs are expected to monitor the gender equality and human rights of the TSP.

Under this project WLSA Lesotho is organizing; coordinating and supporting evidence-based interventions that promote and protect women’s and girls’ rights through legal and policy reform and changes to discriminatory socio-cultural and economic practices. The purpose of the network is to contribute to the sustained well-being of women and girl children through action-oriented research in the socio-legal field and advocating for women’s rights. WLSA work incorporates action into research by questioning and challenging the law, instigating campaigns for changes in laws, policies, and plans of action, educating women and girls about their rights, providing legal advice, and gender sensitizing communities and leadership.

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